Why You Should Stop Worrying and Love the Tweet

I bet you never thought I’d post a country song to this blog, right?  I mean, many readers have never met me and have no idea what musical tastes I might have, but it’s usually a safe bet that most rational people from towns of a population over 5,000 don’t listen to southern twang.  I don’t usually, rest assured, but to those who enjoy it please feel free to play the following clip while you read on.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dYT89iItQgw?wmode=transparent]

Kinda fun, right?  When I first got the idea for this post I had heard the title of the song but not the song itself.  My intention was to tear up the concepts at play a little bit, and it still is, but upon hearing it I realized just how playful the tone is.  Social commentary is always so much easier to take when it’s done with humour.

So, uh… I just flew in and boy are my arms… never mind.