Halloween 2012 – An Art Project


This year I diverted a lot of free time from other hobbies and focused on one project; something you might think a complete waste of time. This year, and I do mean the entire year, I made a haunted house. The following are the details—and my attempt at justifying such behaviour.

Why, you might ask—must a blog about rationality, reason, skepticism, art and astronomy—be so encumbered with posts about… Halloween?

“I used to come here for science, or at least pretty pictures, guldangit! Why is this fool posting stuff about zombies and ghouls that I don’t believe in! I HATE this Brad Blogspeed!”

Whoa. Easy partner. Maybe I should explain my Halloween obsession a little before you write this blog off forever. Perhaps by the end I’ll be able to convince you of the following: that this spooky project was indeed my first ever cross-media art exhibit—something I’ve wanted to do forever—oh-so cleverly disguised as a haunted house.

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Halloween 2010


So some of you may have noted in a previous post that I do this haunted house every year.  Been doing it ever since I was 17 years old, most of the time with the help of my little bro. 

This year the two of us spent more time together than any since we were kids, and had lots of opportunities to plan out our favourite day of the year.  Usually this was done over a few pints before seeing a movie, so the ideas started getting a little bit ‘out there’.