Has anyone come across this video before?  If so, you’ve already met my good friend, Stefan Powell.

If not, allow me to provide the briefest of introductions.  Stefan is more than just a pickle fryer.  He’s a photographer, systems consultant, painter, multi-media artist, filmmaker, computer genius, and economics aficionado.  Furthermore, he’s both a former vice-president of one of Canada’s largest media companies, and a current clothing store proprietor.

Stefan is one of the few really brilliant people I know, so that makes him a treasure in my eyes.  He’s got one of those beautiful minds, filled with curiosity, interesting perspective, and a passion to create.  It’s a mind equipped with a sharp logical faculty but an extraordinarily skewed perspective, making his outlook on the world continually fascinating.  His brain, while occasionally the source of lectures that require external interruption in order to reach conclusion, is an indefatigable organ.  He’s always curious, always making something, always doing.  It seems, from the outside, that his mind is completely unable to come to rest.