The Plausibility of Santa Claus and Scorpios

If You Believe in Astrology, You’re Behaving Like a Child.

Christmas has come and gone, and with it another orgy of shredded wrapping paper and gravy-fueled gluttony.  I count myself as a big fan of winter’s big show, and did my part to outfit my kids with an embarrassing smorgasbord of plastic playthings.  From AT-ATs to goalie pads, those boys made out like bandits.

Of course, my wife and I didn’t take most of the credit for the presents — those kudos went to a fictional break-and-enter specialist from the north pole, aka Mr. Kristopher Kringle.  As in millions of other homes around the globe, we helped sell the myth to our boys by leaving cookies as an offering to Santa.  Once they were in bed, all that was needed was for Ma in her kerchief, and I in my cap, to settle right in for a short winter’s snack.  (Tip: don’t eat the whole cookie – you have to leave a piece with a bite mark clearly visible)

Bad Boys, Mystery Men


A Podcast About Why Kids are Greedy, Selfish, and Far More Interesting Than Grown Ups

Have a kid?  Ever seen two of them with designs on the same toy?  Children have no social qualms whatsoever about biting a chunk of flesh out of a rival if it means two extra seconds with a desired plaything.

In this podcast we look at how parents spend all their time telling kids to share, because by doing so they’re supposed to make friends. 

What hypocrites.

Brad Blogspeed – Podcastno. 6 – Bad Boys, Mystery Men by Brad Goodspeed

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