Please excuse the music in this piece, but the visuals are well worth it.

Here’s another artform that I didn’t know existed: Kinetic Sculpture.  This piece lives at the BMW Museum in Munich.  It uses 714 metal balls attached to independent servos, creating a whole range of both abstract and very recognizable shapes.  Stunningly creative.


From BMW’s website:

“The Kinetic Sculpture is a metaphorical translation of the process of form-finding in art and design. 714 metal spheres, hanging from thin steel wires attached to individually-controlled stepper motors and covering the area of six square meters, animate a seven minute long mechatronic narrative. In the beginning, moving chaotically, then evolving to several competing forms that eventually resolve to the finished object, the Kinetic Sculpture creates an artistic visualisation of the process of form-finding in different variations.”

More videos of how this all came to be can be found here.


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