In 1911 a fire at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory in New York City killed 146 people. While tragic, it was also an important and progressive event in history. 


While there had been many disastrous fires before it, the Triangle catastrophe somehow brought the world to a tipping point. Public reaction to the tragedy brought about a shift in political will; finally ushering in an age of codes and regulations that have since whittled down deaths by fire to a small fraction of what they once were.


I can’t begin to express my own thoughts on what happened today, so I won’t try to. I only hope that this wound won’t quickly pass from America’s public consciousness; that it scars the nation’s collective psyche as deeply as it should.

Maybe then that country can finally pass the tipping point so many people recognize is necessary; and muster the political will to fundamentally change the gun-control debate. 

America, it’s time to address this problem.

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