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A long time ago I featured some examples of lightwriting, and if you saw them you were probably hooked like me.  It immediately struck me as an ingenious rethinking of a common trick in photography.  By moving a bright source of light quickly through the frame of a long exposure one can ‘draw’ lines on the image, but I’m not sure why I had never considered the possibility of merging this technique with the world of animation.  By drawing sequences one frame at a time, lightwriters recreate the age-old world of cell animation, but with an obvious and stunning twist.
But all that being said, the thing I’m most confused by is why it’s taken me so long to revisit this fantastic artform on the blog.  Time to correct that crime.


[vimeo w=500&h=283]

More from FREEZELIGHT.RU (sic)
If you can use torch to make some photographic image – you can make FREEZELIGHT. If you like this kind of photographic image – you like FREEZELIGHT. FREEZELIGHT is Russian group of people which making strange still photographs. Some people call it lightdrawing, lightgraffity, light writing, light painting and e.t.с. In Russia we call it FREEZELIGHT. :)

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