by Brad Goodspeed

As I mentioned in ‘I’m Bad at Math‘, there were some errors in my original animation of the video ‘Scale’, so I’ve done my best to clarify and correct them.  Mistakes probably still exist in the piece however, because heck, I’m no Astronomer. I’m just a dopey artist who wanted to make a cool video for fellow space worshipers.  While I’m comfortable admitting that, I guess the video could be classified as an example of science fiction.

So how about more!

In an effort to distract everybody from what a nimrod I am, (Wait, people are reading this blog now. Can I say ‘nimrod’? Are there nimrods out there who will be offended?) I decided to offer up a previous piece I did, entitled ‘Dragons’.  I’ve had it posted on Behance for awhile now, but here’s another look.

This is a huge image, (50″ x 15″) made to hang in my studio.  It came from an idea I came up with when I was going to have a painting done for me by another artist.  The more I thought about the concept though, the more I wanted to do it myself. The piece was roughed out in Illustrator and then painted over in Photoshop.  I had originally planned to add some knights and robot warriors, but eventually decided to leave it be.

Hope you like it. Now forget that I’m dumb.

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