So some of you may have noted in a previous post that I do this haunted house every year.  Been doing it ever since I was 17 years old, most of the time with the help of my little bro. 

This year the two of us spent more time together than any since we were kids, and had lots of opportunities to plan out our favourite day of the year.  Usually this was done over a few pints before seeing a movie, so the ideas started getting a little bit ‘out there’.
It shows.  2010 saw the introduction of a demonic infant, and the first ever featured female character.  Although my lovely and loyal wife has donned the signature white mask for spells in the years when our cast was lean, she always ends up having the toughest job of the night; finding misplaced items for me, getting food prepped for the many guests that end up attending, and now, watching over our two kids.  In fact this year she didn’t get to wear the mask at all, which has driven me to the realization that in 2011 I’ll need to actually enlist someone else for all the mundane house-bound chores.

Our old friends, the Greaves brothers, were once again back to lend their scaring talents to the nightmares of local kids, as were yet another pair of bros, the Friel boys.  They count themselves amongst newest members of our ghastly guild, along with a first timer, the freakishly frightening Leeann Tunzi. (although she’s not at all like a witch when she’s not dressed in her wicked wedding gown)

Here’s a short video giving you some of the highlights of what went down.  I wish more of them had been captured, but all the camerawork is done by my talented bride (who’s actually a professional videographer) and as I mentioned, she’s got a whole lot more on her plate each Halloween then just shooting us at play.

Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy what’s here.  Even after almost 20 years of scaring neighbourhood children, I can assure you that we all did.

[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/16449769 w=500&h=283]

The Scarers (in order of fright-night seniority):
Brad Goodspeed, Dan Goodspeed, Johan Greaves, Adriel Greaves, Susan Goodspeed, Edward Friel, Eoin Friel

Concept, Setup, Props
Brad Goodspeed, Dan Goodspeed

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