Madagascar, carnet de voyage, extrait…

by Bastien Dubois


If you dig on cool styles of animation, this is one for the collection in your head. If you’re not an appreciator of the craft, but rather the stories they tell, then maybe this isn’t for you.  That is unless you speak french, of course. (Are they speaking french? The title’s in french. Oh, I hate it when my status as yet another mono-lingual anglophone is revealed.)

I’ve seen work similar to this ‘sketchbook’ style before, but I love the variety of looks and feels that are combined throughout the piece.  I can only imagine that the work is rotoscoped from video footage in many parts, which normally I find played out, but didn’t here.

In any case, the music is fun and the look is playful, so enjoy it!

Credits below… in french. (I think)

[vimeo w=500&h=283]

Réalisation : Bastien Dubois
Producteurs : Ron Dyens & Aurélia Prévieu
Animation : Bastien Dubois
Montage : Bastien Dubois et Boubkar Benzabat
Montage Son et Mixage : Cyrille Lauwerier

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